The 7-kilogram challenge
How to work and travel the world from one carry-on backpack
I've been working remotely and traveling around the world with a single backpack weighing 7 kilograms (15.4 lbs). It includes the electronics for me to work from any location and clothing for all climates.

The 7-kilogram challenge

While recovering from a burn-out I set out to change my life drastically.
The first step was to focus on re-discovering what happiness meant to me personally, learning to better deal with stress and simplifying my life. That last part, simplifying my life, included getting rid of a gigantic pile of stuff, three truckloads full of personal stuff to be more precise. It took me several years experimenting with different theories and materials before I could fully exchange my cluttered life for one simple backpack. The freedom and flexibility of having your whole life in a single backpack are extremely liberating.

Why 7 kilograms?

To me idea of being able to just catch any last minute airplane, boat or bus without worring about what I left behind was fascinating. So I set out to reduce everything I have to fit in carry-on baggage only. Looking at the current baggage carry-on limits, 
7 kilograms will allow you to travel with most airlines, also in Asia. From there, 
the challenge to fit my whole life in a 7-kilogram backpack was born.

The Rules

  1. The backpack and contents can not weigh more than 7-kilograms
  2. The clothes you are wearing are not included in the 7-kilograms
  3. You need to be able to live full time from your backpack

Once you understand the theory you're ready to read the packing list

Have a family? We managed to fit all our family belongings (from my wife, our 2 year old daughter and me) in two 7-kilogram backpacks, totalling 14-kilograms.